Construction Services

  • Assist in drawing reviews for errors and omissions.
  • Prepare, monitor and update construction schedule.
  • Coordinate with consultants – plans, specifications and contract documents.
  • Preparation of tender packages/ distribution/ and collection of sub-trade quotations.
  • Review quotations from sub-trades and suppliers and make recommendations for each package to the Owner.
  • Assist in the negotiations between the Owner and Trade Contractors.
  • Prepare letters of intent, contracts and scope of work for the successful Trade Contractors.
  • Assist the Owner with the development of and preparation of trade contracts.
  • Support the project consultants in working with governing bodies and utilities (i.e. Hydro, Telephone, Cable TV, Fire Department, Public Utilities Gas Co., etc.) during pre-construction and construction.
  • Assume the role of Constructor – taking a leading role in establishing a Health and Safety program on site and enforcing M.O.L. regulations as a minimum.
  • Provide field staff and labour for the supervision and execution of all Division 1 works on site.
  • Provide all other Division 1 items (cranes, hoists, equipment etc.)
  • Supervise and assist field staff and generally oversee all site preparation, site construction (including site servicing), from commencement to completion.
  • Co-ordination of local and municipal inspections.
  • Conduct on-site inspections to ensure quality and monitor scheduling.
  • Co-ordinate and obtain engineers’ and architect’s certificates as required in a form satisfactory to owner for their financial institution.
  • Control the processing of drawings, shop drawings and construction generated change orders.
  • Review, approve and recommend for payment all invoices from sub trades and suppliers.
  • Update budgets with the Owner or payment certifier as required.
  • Provide daily construction problem solving and troubleshooting.
  • Co-ordinate and review all site testing reports and distribute as required.
  • Co-ordinate and conduct regular site meeting with sub-contractors and site personnel and maintain complete minutes.
  • Assemble and maintain “record” drawings, maintenance manuals and operating instructions – ensuring compliance to each where applicable.
  • Register with Tarion as the “Builder” working in conjunction with the Owner.
  • Coordinate and oversee the occupancy of the building (acceptance by municipal authorities).

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